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CEO Champion of Change 2019 Keynote Synopsis

As a leader you must create opportunity for change and lead and encourage this throughout the entire organisation. Challenge leaders and employees to accept significant change.

Ahead of this year’s CEO Champion of Change we took the opportunity to revisit last year’s key note presentation by Port Waratah Coal Services’ CEO Hennie Du Plooy.

Hennie exemplifies the leadership required to deliver positive change and the real results across his leadership reflect this approach. Hennie is championing a diverse and inclusive culture at Port Waratah and is a genuine male champion of change in an otherwise male dominated industry.

During Hennie’s presentation he gave insightful real-life examples of how he works to create and deliver diversity within the Port Waratah organisation, his strategy for creating an inclusive environment, the upsides and challenges he encounters on a day-to-day basis and why he thinks it is important to link to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Key take aways:

Our story defines who we are today – explore this with your team

Hennie encourages leaders to share their story with their team and the business more broadly. An individual’s personal story forms who they are and the views they hold. By acknowledging each other’s different family structures, upbringing, where we come from, culture, work experiences, education and values teams are better equipped to understand and embrace diversity and inclusion in the workforce and in turn work together better as a team.

There is a direct correlation between diversity and engagement

A diverse leadership team contributes to a more engaged workplace with the aim of reflecting society. It demonstrates opportunity, possibility and a commitment to change. Leaders must value people without judgement and seek out potential rather than just experience when it comes to career trajectory for their employees.

Change doesn’t happen by itself, it is up to leaders to accelerate it

As a leader you must create opportunity for change and lead and encourage this throughout the entire organisation. Challenge leaders and employees to accept significant change. If we see something that is unjust or unfair it is up to us to call it out and redefine the outcome. While change is inevitable in some cases it can take generations and that is unacceptable in today’s society and workplace.

The 2019 keynote speakers will discuss in an open forum what motivates them to tackle inequity and why they personally want to see change. They will recount the strategies and tactics they have employed to create change and discuss what has worked, what hasn’t and what the key challenges have been.

The 2019 CEO Champion of Change speakers are:

  • Sharon Smith, CEO of HVTC.
  • Will Wright, General Manager of Douglas Partners.
  • Bishop Peter Stuart, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle incorporating the Anglican Church in the Central Coast, Hunter, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Manning, Paterson and Port Stephens regions of New South Wales.
  • And panel host Dr Kirsten Molloy, CEO of HVCCC, Chair of the Equal Futures Project and founder and director of Verity Leadership.

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