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2019 Subscription

At Verity we want to change the profile of leadership. We want a leadership population that reflects the diversity of society. We are committed to supporting and enabling engaged, empathetic and connected leadership.

What does the subscription include?

Subscribe to Verity by April 30 2019 and receive 50% discount on the following events*:

  • At least two speaking and networking events “Me and My Mentor” and “CEO Champions of Change” (normal price $99, subscribers prior to April 30 th 2019 $49.50)
  • At least four leadership development workshops (4 hour duration): “Mentoring (advanced)”, “Goal Setting”, “Coaching” and “Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations” (normal price for workshops is $450, subscribers prior to April 30th $225)
  • Access to apply for Verity mentoring scholarships (5 months of mentoring)
  • Group/corporate benefits available – subscribe five or more people in one go and receive 20% of the total subscription.

*each event to be held once
*subscription is not transferable or refundable

How do we do this?


Creating a network of mentors, passionate about developing others and align them with people looking for a mentor to support their career development.

  • Verity Leadership subscribers can apply for one of our limited number of Mentoring scholarships. Successful applicants will have an experienced mentor for up to six months, access to exclusive networking events and mentoring program support material. Limited scholarships are available (not all applicants will receive a scholarship, Applicants are assessed against criteria in a competitive process).
  • Access to Mentoring is available beyond the scholarship program, please contact us for program options and costs. Options available include one month intensive (3 sessions), three months (5 sessions) or 6 months (8 sessions). Sessions are one hour, face to face with an experienced leader/mentor, potentially including activities for the mentee between meetings to support development. Mentees are accountable for establishing meeting times within the period. Discounts are available to Verity Leadership subscribers.

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